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Thursday 22 July 2010

Chuck Liddell at the Way of the Spiritual Warrior

In the centre of an unassuming sports hall in Coventry, a huddle of several dozen bodies stood crowded yet focused. The members of oval group wore a mixture of gloves, shin pads, rash guards, kickboxing trousers, shorts and shin guards; yet they had temporarily halted the practicing their punches against each other to listen to the wisdom of one man.

In the centre of the mass of cluster of martial artists was Chuck Liddell, former UFC light heavyweight champion, UFC Hall of Famer and known as a man with one of the most dangerous overhand right's in the world. He demonstrated punching on his partner in a manner that only Chuck could, the unmistakable way he throws his fists that swarms his opponent. The students absorbed his demonstration of a combination followed by a single leg pick up and then all broke to practice themselves.

A gym in the back end of Coventry is not the most likely place to find The Iceman, but many had made the journey to train with the former champ as part of the Fighters Inc group of Super Seminars around the UK. With stop offs including Sheffield, London, Bournemouth and Cork; Liddell had seen many of bright lights of the UK's finest cities. Fighters Inc., who have been working with Liddell since 2006, have promised to bring more fighters from the international scene to the UK to teach at various locations across the UK.

While the pairs drilled their pummelling-to-elbow technique, the veteran came round to give small refinements to their form and often shared his favourite variations that have worked for him in the cage. Every time he parted with some advice to a couple, a group would form around him, listening in or maybe just enjoying be near to the genuine article; painted blue toe nails and all.

The seminar closed out with a Q&A session for the fans to ask Chuck anything they wanted. The obvious queries were raised about when he would make his return and who against, but all Liddell could say is that he didn't know when, or where, or with who, but he wanted to fight again soon. Although suggestions were thrown out about Ortiz, Chuck threw them aside stating how Tito never wanted to fight him and the whole series of The Ultimate Fighter with him scheduled to fight The Huntington Beach Bad Boy was all a farce due to Tito planning to not fight in the first place.

The final question and most interesting was a request to hear Chuck's thoughts on Paul Daley being thrown out of the UFC; Chuck had to pick his words wisely in front of the UK audience. He made it clear that he didn't support any of Daley's actions, stating the cheap shot after the bell was not professional, stating that "you are going to do that just because you couldn't hurt him in the three rounds? He didn't even hurt him after the bell! He had three rounds to figure out how to beat him."

After the applause of thanks, the fans formed an orderly queue in order to get their hero to sign books, shake his hand and get a photo. Greeting every patient enthusiast with a smile, it was clear that Chuck really did get a thrill from his supporters. Although some have questioned whether his career is finished, it is clear that no matter what choice Chuck makes for his next step he will always have the love of his fans.

The organiser of the event Anthony Pillage said " To have someone of the quality of Chuck visiting us in Coventry speaks volumes for the way the club is rapidly becoming one of the country's major martial arts players".

Saturday 1 May 2010

Five Questions

This was lifted off Dave Kovars blog, but I thought it was well worth sharing with you guys

Years back, I came across a series of questions that were originally posed by a man named Ben Zoma; I believe he was a rabbi in the early part of the 2nd century. Anyway, I loved the way these questions seemed to naturally tie into the martial arts profession and I’ve been using them in my staff training ever since. Here they are:
1. Who is a wise person?
A wise person is one who learns from others. How does this relate to teaching Martial Arts? Have you ever learned something from your youngest child or your most basic beginner? When an instructor keeps an open mind, she is able to learn something that will make a better instructor.
2. Who is a brave person?
A brave person is one who is smart enough to be afraid, but takes action anyway. What does that mean? As far as teaching Martial Arts goes, I believe it means to be smart enough to be afraid of the responsibility and influence that you have over your students – and then to take that responsibility seriously.
3. Who is a rich person?
A rich person is one who appreciates all that he/she has. How does that relate to teaching Martial Arts? Well, you could be doing a lot of other things, but you are fortunate to be teaching, developing and working in the hobby and the art, which you love to do – Martial Arts. That’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Everyday we should appreciate the fact that we get to teach Martial Arts.
4. Who is a mighty person?
A mighty person is one who has self-control and makes friends of his enemies. What does that mean as far as Martial Arts is concerned? Having self-control is an important quality that allows Martial Arts instructors to have the discipline to keep themselves in an upbeat, peak state while they are teaching. To make friends of enemies is to win the friendship and trust of students.
5. Who is an honored person?
An honored person is one who honors. What does this mean in Martial Arts class? In means, one who pays respect to students is going to receive respect in return. That is, of course, the most important quality Martial Arts instructors can have – to be respectful towards their students and treat them with kindness.
Remember, the rising tide lifts all boats. If we can all learn to be the very best teachers, the very best motivators, the very best coaches we can possibly be, then our industry is going to continue to rise, grow, and prosper.

Monday 12 April 2010

Carslake Coaching Course Weekend

Another fabulous weekend of training with Joe Carslake Hanshi. Will expand on it later however, the highlights for me were awarding Adrian Summer his 1st Dan Black Belt and the reaction of his friends. Adrian is an exceptional friend and training partner....his certificate was signed by a 10th Dan, an 8th Dan, two fifth Dans, a fourth Dan and a Third Dan.
The comments on the weekend were as ever phoenominal.

Adrian Summers "has had the good fortune to spend another weekend surrounded by, and training with men of honour!"

and of course the lovely Graham
"A luurve story. There was big sticks, medium sticks, and little sticks. There was a load of mates sharing special time together with mutual respect and affection. Then the mates started spanking, yanking, poking and jabbing each other with all of the sticks, and it was fukin awesome. The end.... for now."

Thursday 8 April 2010

Spiritual Warrior Video

Hopefully this short video will give you some idea as to what we teach and how we teach it. The Way of the Spiritual Warrior is Coventry's largest martial arts school teaching MMA, Karate BJJ, Kickboxing grappling, self defence, kali, Jeet Kun Do (JKD) and much much more

About Us

Welcome To The Way Of The Spiritual Warrior

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts School can rightly claim to be the number one full time Centre of Excellence in Coventry after having won both the 2007 and 2008 Best Leisure Business Award voted for by the people of Coventry. We offer a bespoke facility for you to learn the arts of Self / Street Defence, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Grappling, Jeet Kun Do (JKD) Bruce Lee's style, Weapons and Shotokan - Goju Ryu Karate Do. In recent months we have also added the Filipino arts of Kali and Eskrima (stick and knife. )The Way of the Spiritual Warrior is the the best known school in the area, dedicated to making your Martial Arts experience both empowering and of course totally safe.
Our Chief Instructor Anthony Pillage has won the Martial arts Club Coach of the Year, SENI Martial Artist of the Year, appeared on the BBC (for his work combating knife crime), ITV as well having a regular slot on Kerrang Radio. His work can also be found on World of Martial Arts TV, Martial Arts Illustrated / Combat Magazines and is a published Martial Arts Author. In 2009 he was inducted into the martial arts World Hall of Fame. To cap an awesome 12 months Sensei Anthony was presented with Coventry's Good Citizen Award by the Lord Mayor.

The club's reputation has enabled it to host world class seminars in Coventry with the likes of UFC and grappling legend Royce Gracie in attendance as well as Bruce Lee's training partner Grandmaster Richard Bustillo . In addition we are the only club in the area to hold the prestigious MASA kitemark of excellence.

The academy has over 400 members, and is one of the largest schools of martial arts in the West Midlands. All the classes will increase your fitness, help with weight loss issues and build confidence as well as learning how to defend yourself or your loved ones in todays sometimes hazardous society.

We have specialist classes for all ages including the Dinky Dragons 3-4 year olds, Little (lil) Dragon Class for 4 to 9 years olds. We offer leadership development for 9 to 16 years old and adult classes for 16 to 65 year olds. You also get to keep your grade that you have previously achieved. The children's classes concentrate on the basics of kickboxing, kids karate and stranger escapes from Ju Jitsu. Whilst the adults are more based around street \ self defense, karate, Jeet Kun Do and grappling. We also run specialist classes for those wishing to explore the exciting world of MMA (mixed martial arts).

Children's classes are not just about kicking and punching. Our award winning programme will teach them essentials such as anti - bullying, internet safety, stranger danger all set in a fully matted and safe arena, complete with a boxing ring and all the equipment you could imagine. All instructors have enhanced CRB Police Checks, proper insurance, Coaching qualifications and are dedicated to making you feel at ease. Beginners through to Black Belts are extremely welcome.

With over 60 classes now running, including daytime classes for Mums or Shiftworkers and Students, we are sure that there is a class to suit you .